Getting Started with Media Manager

Media Manager is an easy-to-use Salesforce component that provides access to preview and manage images, audio files, videos, documents, and other files in one place. Media Manager is a one-stop solution for any user who deals with everyday tasks that involves a number of files and attachments from different objects. Categorize your media files and allow easy access to them. The extensive benefits of Media Manager does not stop with just managing the files but also other time saving and productivity boosting features such as,

  • Built-in viewer modes such as Slider View, List View and Tile View
  • Quick File sharing to people and groups for better collaboration
  • Display files from a Related object
  • Share files across records for easy association
  • Global Search bar to search files you want to view
  • Categorize your media files by File Type and allow easy access to them
  • Allow users to view and download files by just sharing a public link
  • Simple options to Upload Files
  • Download files directly to your devices
  • Preview Files in Full Screen View for better clarity
  • Seamless experience on Mobile and other devices