AGrid Introduction

See how AGrid can be leveraged by your business!

About AGrid

AGrid is a Actionable Grid product that aligns with Salesforce's basic tenet: No-Code. Salesforce Admin set up various preferences that renders records of any Salesforce object. The design of AGrid is to boost productivity in a simple way. Using Connected Intelligence-enabled Related Lists, the user can create many related lists per object relationship.The design of AGrid helps user to drag and drop the grid into any Lightning page to achieve the outcome with no code.

AGrid has several configuration options a subset of which is listed below:

  • Filters

    • Column filters

    • List view search
  • Sorting

    • List view sorting
    • Column sorting
    • Multi-Level Sorting
  • Custom Actions (Flow, Aura Component, Lightning Web Component)
    • Row Actions
    • List Actions
  • Preferences

    • Save Filter with Custom Criteria

    • Share with users, roles, public groups

  • Inline Edit
  • Bulk Actions
    • Bulk Update
    • Bulk Delete
  • Focus Mode

  • Export as CSV
  • Summary
  • Multiple Related List per Object
  • Intelligent Related List
    • Hierarchy Object Records
    • Sibling Object Records
    • Grand Children Object Records
    • Unrelated Objects
  • Managed Preferences
  • End User Preferences
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Enhanced Mobile Interface for List Views

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